Tips for Photographing Gorgeous Sunsets and Sunrises

A beautiful sunset or sunrise can be stunning and breathtaking, particularly as a background for sunset family photos. Sometimes it can happen in an instant—that perfect moment when you are in the right place at the right time, so you pull out your camera and capture that shot that lives on forever. Unfortunately, that does not work all the time. Creating a stunning photograph, particularly of the sun setting or rising takes planning, and Heather Leyse, a sunset photographer in Hermosa Beach is incredibly skilled at capturing gorgeous sunset family photos. Here are a few of her tips that can help you to make that next photograph perfect.

Plan Ahead

In the planning stages, there are a few things that are important, like knowing what time the sun will rise or set in the location you are planning your photograph. Arriving early, usually about 30 to 45 minutes, so you can set up allows you to take advantage of the changes in the sky while the transition occurs.

Scouting your location for a day or two ahead of the shoot can allow you to find a spot that you may not have thought about otherwise. Sometimes that little adjustment may be what you need to improve as a sunset photographer.

Weather can also be a factor because if it is overcast or cloudy, that takes away your shot, but some clouds can be a dynamic addition to the shot.

Determine the Proper Composition

Determining the composition is important because it can provide a variety of looks for your sunset family photos. Knowing the focal length that you want to use helps to provide the differences that will allow you to create an excellent sunset photograph. The differences between the zoom lens and the wide angle are substantial, so choose properly to get that right shot. Having items to frame, like silhouettes and focal points, can add character and mood to your photo. Framing the shot is vital and using the Rule of Thirds can allow the components of your photograph to pop.

Exposure and How It Can Help

Using different exposures can add texture to your sunset and sunrise photographs. Another feature to consider is to turn off the auto white balance. This can add warm tones that you are probably looking for in your shot. The auto feature makes adjustments that would take away the character that you are trying to achieve.

Sunset and Sunrise Extras

Tripods can allow stability and ease of focusing and framing. Some photographers prefer to take the shots handheld, but that is a preference. Taking the focusing into your own hands is good because sometimes the auto focus will cause you to miss that shot at the perfect time. Changes in the environment may allow you to find a much better shot than you had planned before. Always keep your options open and you will create a beautiful photo.

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