How to Make the Most of Your Family Photography Sessions 

Getting everyone together for family photography is important when you want to capture this time in your life. You can send these memories to friends and family over the holidays as well as display them throughout your home. Of course, when you schedule your family photography sessions, there are a few ways that you can prepare to ensure you make the most of this investment. Here we look at a few tips to help you get started when you have family photos coming up on the calendar.

Make Sure Everyone Is Fed

There is nothing like trying to put on a happy face when your tummy is growling, so before your family puts on their clean clothes for the photo shoot, be sure that they have eaten and had something to drink. This will keep everyone happy and prevent spills on the clothes.

Choose a Location That Makes Sense for Your Family

Whether you want beach photography because this is your favorite spot or you have another location in mind such as your home or favorite park, put thought into the location and how it will look in the background. Also be sure you’re selecting a location that is comfortable for everyone. This will result in more natural pictures.

Pick Outfits Ahead of Time

Make sure all of the outfits are chosen ahead of time, and take into consideration the colors of the season and location. You will also want to make sure that everyone looks good next to each other and you are not wearing clothing that clashes when standing next to each other.

Bring Props and Toys for Children

If your family is into fishing and your family photo shoot is at a location with water, then by all means bring some fishing gear that can be used in the pictures. If you have a quilt that your great grandmother made and you want to showcase it, a few photos can be taken with your family sitting on it picnic style. Also, if child photography is part of the session, then you can bring toys to be in the pictures as well as to keep the little ones from getting bored. Particularly for younger children, a toy that makes them smile is a great way to distract them and ensure some great photos of their smiling faces.

Don’t Worry if Everyone Isn’t Looking at the Camera

Some of the best family photography moments will be when a candid moment is captured with everyone looking dapper and in your ideal location. It’s okay that some shots will have one child looking at a flower on the ground while another is looking at a cloud in the sky, or if you are looking down at your kids. Trust that you can relax and enjoy the photo session, and the more you do that, the better your family photos will be.

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