Best Ages For Baby Pictures


Best Ages For Baby Pictures

When your child is born, nothing else matters. That moment you look into their eyes for the first time is so special and unique. You’re sure that your baby is the most beautiful in the world. Showcasing that beauty in such a way so that the world will see them as you do takes enormous photographic talent and skills; each child is so special, so different and so unique in their own way. When you hire a professional baby photographer, you want to be sure you’re getting those baby pictures at all the right milestones as the age of your baby can often times make a difference in the type of posing and positions you’re able to put them in, and how long they will stay in those poses! For example, younger babies will tend to show more flexibility and go into certain curly poses easier than older babies will and most don’t mind having their clothes off so long as they are kept warm. So the question remains, when should you photograph your baby? To ensure you capture the absolute best moments as your baby grows during its first couple of years, here are some general milestones to keep in mind.


Newborn-Babies Younger than Two Weeks Old

The day is finally here! Your darling baby has made their debut into the world and is ready for their newborn portraits! Depending on your level of comfortableness and your baby’s health, newborn pictures can be scheduled anywhere from 5 days old to two weeks old. This is the age when your baby still easily curls up like they are still in your womb. Any younger than 5 days and your baby could be fussy as it takes up to 5 days for a nursing baby’s mother’s milk to increase in volume, thus fully satisfying the baby for more than an hour. After 5 days they tend to stay asleep a bit longer, are less fidgety, and you can get some adorable shots without clothes as long as you keep them warm and comfy.

Make sure that you keep good communication with your newborn photographer as they understand that babies come on their own time, but have schedules to follow. They will certainly be flexible, but make sure you call them within a day or so of your baby being born to confirm or reschedule your photo-shoot. It is highly encouraged to not wait any longer than 2 weeks for the official newborn photos. Your baby grows so fast, don’t let those first moments pass by without capturing them!


3-4 months

Although if we could, we’d have professional shots taken every single day or at the very least every week, not everyone has that budget or time! Yes, your baby is changing every day, they are growing faster than you can comprehend, and that is why the next milestone to keep track of is that first smile! Every baby will develop differently, but for many, at 3-4 months, your baby is smiling or showing some semblance to a smile! Also, at this age, your child has some strength in their neck and it’s safe to keep them on their belly for some picture perfect moments. They can be positioned on a pillow, prop, or blanket with their hands under their chin for a quick peak at a smile shot. If you’ve reached the 3-4 month old mark and your baby isn’t quite ready for being on their tummy or posing with props, wait until they are! Not everyone hits the same milestones at the same time, and that’s ok!


6 Months

A favorite age for many photographers to shoot baby portraits is the half-year mark, or 6 months. The milestone we are shooting for here is your baby smiling and laughing, grabbing for things and even sitting up on their own! Of course, you want be sure you or a photo assistant is standing by for those sitting up shots, since no baby’s balance is perfect, your baby photographer should have no problem capturing some candid, happy moments that will showcase that adorable baby laughter and joy. Little ones at this age may even tolerate some additional props and costumes, so as long as you feel they can handle it, don’t be afraid to try out some cute themed photos. Again, remember, if your baby hasn’t quite laughed full out at 6 months, wait until they do; that way you are capturing the milestone, not the age!


1 Year And Up

Whether it’s a year, 11 months, or 15 months, when your baby starts crawling, standing, or even walking, you’ll want to remember every second of it. By now, your baby has teeth, is laughing, and showing so much personality it’s hard to fit it all into the perfect photo. This is certainly a milestone worth capturing. Having been in each others’ life for a year now, this milestone is a fond favorite for every mommy and daddy. Celebrate that year in a way that fits your family best and collaborate with your baby’s photographer so that everyone is comfortable and enjoying such a special day. Your 1 year and up baby portraits will be remembered for the rest of your lives so if you have been pleased with your photographers work thus far, make sure they are scheduled and you keep in contact with them.

After your child turns 1, depending on your time and budget, scheduling photo shoots for about every 6 months is usually the norm. Once your baby has grown into a toddler, around age 3, things may slow down a bit and what you consider to be milestones may change. The point is, it’s up to you!

From the time your child is born, one thing is for sure; you’ll be snapping photos of your own left and right. Don’t depend on solely your iPhone to capture the most important moments though.  Schedule your milestone baby portraits with a professional baby photographer while your pregnant and make sure that you’re ready to capture the most amazing and unforgettable moments in the most artistic ways possible so that you can look back fondly and remember them like they were yesterday!

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